Clever smartphone and tablet stand

Paperbaze is a smartphone and tablet stand made from 100% recyclable paper-based materials that is simple to put together. Custom-printed or branded with your campaign motifs, this give-away can be used to extend digital campaigns, for your apps or online offers.

Paperbaze is comprised of three parts: a main holder and two cross braces, which come in two sizes. The narrower version provides perfect support for smartphones, whilst the wider one is intended for tablets. The thin, lightweight cardboard material is very stable and tear-resistant thanks to a special honeycomb structure.

Thanks to the small packing size, it can be distributed in small envelopes (16.5 cm x 5.5 cm) or even enclosed in magazines.


  • Snap-together smartphone and tablet stand made from paper-based materials
  • Innovative advertising medium/give-away (e.g. for congresses, trade fairs and events)
  • Made up of 3 printable parts (1 folding part, 1 large insert, 1 small insert)
  • Very stable and lightweight (20 g)
  • Optimal packing size as a give-away: 16 cm x 5 cm
  • Print: 4-colour (Euroscale)
  • Strong advertising presence on the recipient’s desk

My Paperbaze – benefits for the recipient:

  • Useful in the office for shake-free video conferencing
  • Useful on the go for watching Netflix and the like
  • Useful at home for storing a smartphone or tablet


  • 1 mm corrugated cardboard (E flute) + 250 g/m2 image printing with matte lamination on both sides
  • Packaged in PET case, enveloped or as a supplement

Environmentally friendly

Made of 100% recyclable paper-based materials and therefore absolutely environmentally friendly


Paperbaze is made of special cardboard and therefore very light, yet stable enough for all popular smartphones and tablets


Clever design made in Germany: huge benefits, long durability, small packing size and optimal advertising space

Added value

The smartphone or tablet is always stable and tidy and within view of the user – even when it is charging