AMG – Designing the showroom at the Nürburgring

Über dieses Projekt

The Ring°Boulevard at the Nürburgring has always been a popular destination for all fans of motor sports and the unique experience of driving. Mercedes-Benz AMG didn’t want to miss out on the action, and in 2016 they commissioned NEONRED to design a showroom for them. It needed to showcase the size and allure of the brand, but also present the fascination of racing on the Nürburgring as a tangible experience.


As the central eye-catcher for the showroom, NEONRED therefore designed a space-defining light object in the shape of the AMG logo. The individual room-height rhombus-shaped lights, which stretch up beyond the ceiling, were printed with a graphic – as you enter the room, they merge to form a picture that echoes the “Green Hell” campaign used at the time.


The showroom design allowed a direct view of the track. An abstracted command post which enabled a live feed of the race taking place was set up in front of it.


The showroom has been in operation since 2017. In addition to a shop selling fan merchandise, it also serves as an on-brand training location for the AMG Driving Academy.


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