Connect to smart

Über dieses Projekt

connect to smart – this was the motto under which smart used RFID technology for the first time in 2013 as a new form of electronic address generation.

The terminals for collecting customer data that were set up at various locations were equipped with RFID technology, as were all the information desks, entertainment stations and stations outside the trade fair booth and premises.

Using the connect to smart card, visitors to the trade fair booth were able to easily and conveniently request information brochures by email or post, send enquiries for test drives or share content on Facebook.

RFID technology facilitates communication and interaction with trade fair visitors. The desired information and media contents are collected in a simple and targeted manner so that they are then available after visiting the trade fair. This allows for customers’ information requirements to be addressed more quickly and individually.

Thanks to RFID technology, CRM data can not only be efficiently collected but also comprehensively verified. As the data records provide information about the degree of customer interest, possible high-potential customers are easily identified. Approaching these individuals in a targeted manner through follow-up measures significantly reduces any advertising wastage in further customer contact.



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