GIL – Flagship store in Vienna

Über dieses Projekt

GIL, the young branch of the DON GIL brand, needed a new flagship store right in the centre of Vienna, Austria. This would cover 650 square metres across 3 floors in an old building, with enough space to display the high-quality fashion for men and women.


The design concept we developed took advantage of the existing context of the beautiful premises, “upgrading” them with targeted measures. Each floor got its own theme: for example, the men’s section in the basement was transformed into a light and airy experience thanks to the wallpaper with cloud motifs. We converted the bare water pipes into a merchandise system. Wallpaper with celebrity photos in the style of old magazines alluded to the sort of company visitors to the store would be keeping. Unique pieces by young designers, as well as antiques covered with new, modern fabrics serve as decorative furniture.


The shop design enjoyed a great deal of attention. It was presented as one of the 50 most inspiring openings of the year in the textile industry’s “Läden 2010” (Shops 2010) illustrated book.



Brandspace, Retail Design
Fashion, store concept, Vienna