smart – Mobile sales room

Über dieses Projekt

A mobile sales room that brings the company’s own product quickly and easily to the hearts of cities and target groups – that’s what smart wanted to achieve, and NEONRED rose to this exciting challenge. The result was the “smallest sales room”, presented for the first time as a prototype at the smart Best Practice Conference in September 2016.


The sales room, not much bigger than the vehicle displayed in it, is impressive for its high-quality and stable aluminium system. Two sliding doors serve as a customer entrance, whilst a table and chairs are the ideal spot for a consultation. The targeted lighting not only provides the perfect stage for the vehicle, the LED strips incorporated in the ceiling also guarantee a high degree of visibility from afar.


NEONRED focused on flexibility in the individual components of the sales room. Opaque, transparent or coloured windows, carpets and interchangeable ceiling modules offer unlimited possibilities for branding. The sales room can be individually redesigned without great effort to fit the campaign.


Thanks to its modular design, the sales room can be used without a large amount of equipment. The system can be broken down into several individual parts, making it ideal for transporting to locations such as pedestrian zones or shopping malls that do not allow truck delivery. In addition, all the static requirements were taken into account during the development, so the sales room also complies with international regulatory requirements in terms of resistance to wind pressure.



Brandspace, Showroom