Über dieses Projekt

For smart’s young urban target group in particular, car dealerships are no longer on their radar. smart was therefore looking for a mobile solution that could communicate messages emotively, informatively and individually – wherever the target group is. This took the form of the mobile station M from NEONRED.


The fundamental design principles during development were quality and efficiency. The goal was to achieve maximum flexibility and straightforward handling without compromising the high standards in terms of quality and aesthetics. The result is a completely redesigned trailer that is very easy to transport and set up for promotions – with surfaces featuring large-scale graphic designs on all sides.


The mobile station M is ideally suited for a pleasant conversation in the weather-protected area as well as for interactive presentations. It ticks all the boxes for competitions, presentations, a party with a DJ or an interactive photo box – and more. Tablets can be integrated with ease, as well as large touchscreens, mobile Internet and Wi-Fi. Interactive technology, a screen visible in daylight and a permanently installed sound system help to convey the desired messages and collect personal data from customers. It thus meets all the basic requirements for implementing modern promotions.



Brandspace, Roadshow
E-mobility, Trailer