smart experience at the Yachtclub di Roma

Über dieses Projekt

Initiated by smart Center Roma, the smart experience presents itself in a prime location in Porto Turistico di Roma, the Roman Yacht Club in Ostia. The series of events, which takes place from 8 June to 31 July, opened with a triathlon and bicycle race, the start and finish of which were immediately before our mobile Brandspace.


The basis of the smart experience is a Promocube®, which can be used all year round at a wide variety of locations regardless of weather conditions. As a temporary and especially flexible space solution, the mobile Brandspace is an ideal complement to the classic car dealership.


This is also the case in Italy. In the Yachtclub di Roma the smart experience with its 36 sqm interior and 12 sqm terrace offered plenty of space to present the smart E-Mobility in an unusual environment – including many interactive information possibilities, an Indoor Relax&Recharge Area, which invited visitors to chill out, and an smart EQ fortwo.


The concept, equipment and logistics of this efficient tool were the responsibility of NEONRED’s specialists, who are very familiar with the special requirements of events and road shows. The mobile Brandspace can thus be set up completely by 4 people in just 5 hours. The transport takes place on its own chassis below 3.5 t total weight.



Brandspace, Showroom
E-Mobilität, Showroom